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Workout Alternatives

Much like maintaining hygiene, working out can be overly difficult when our mental health isn't doing well. So as I said in that blog post, we must know that as our mood shifts, we must shift our expectations for ourselves. As our motivation shifts, we must shift our pressure and productivity. Let's allow ourselves to do less!

Below I will discuss easier and more accessible fitness practices!

*None of these activities are meant to condone the need for weight loss or body modification, simply the encouragement of body movement especially for those who have trouble in doing so regularly.*

Dancing: Dance boosts cardiovascular and muscular strength through art style! Isn't that cool? Dance is known to reduce pain, destress, and lift mood.What's also great about dance is that you literally could not do it wrong. There are so many styles that can suit your desires! A quick ballet barre is great to sharpen the mind, Zumba is great to energize the soul, improv and contemporary are great to express your emotions. Learn more here about the health benefits of dance,

Have you heard of intuitive dancing? Have you ever danced around your room unexpectedly or had the time of your life at a party by just ~feeling the vibes~? It is moving as your body takes you, as the music moves you! Intuitive dancing is exactly this, it is moving where the energy in your body tells you to move. Dance in private, so literally like no one is watching! Dance weirdly and expressively. Intuitive dancing is considered to regulate our emotions and connect with our bodies. Intuitive dancing is a practice mainly suggested to people PTSD and trauma to rid their bodies of tension.

No equipment training: Not every workout needs to look like what we perceive to be the only valid method of being productive. This is not about productivity but self-care. I assume you are putting a lot of energy into use waking up like me, why would we force ourselves to lift weights or bike some number of miles or do anything else I don't want to and cannot do! So let's try something different.

Think the workouts you would do for a warmup drill like jump and jacks, kicks, squats, or crunches. Commit to doing ten of each! And well wow! That's so many! Having trouble, try an activity below?

Have you played an exercise game? Every time a character says their iconic line-->Do a sit up! Every time a new episode starts--> Take a sip of water or Every time the setting changes--> stretch your legs!

How about taking a walk? Go on a socially distanced walk with a friend or take a silent stroll through a park. Immerse yourself with the outside or arguable greater, nature! No need to force yourself to walk fast or walk for very long. Maybe just a lap around your block if that is safe and accessible to you.

Other "Silly" Alternatives:

Have you tried galloping or skipping?

TikTok dances?

Jumping in a circle?

Still too much work? Set a two minute timer. Participate in these activities for only two minutes. Do it alone or with a friend! Play your favorite song! Wear some cute workout clothes! Write it down in your planner as a task you really need to complete or make someone hold you accountable. If it's too much to continue, you can stop of course. But just try it out. two minutes.

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