• Janmariz Deguia

Hygiene Alternatives

We know how hard it is especially when we are feeling down to take care of ourselves the "proper" way. But we must know that as our mood shifts, we must shift our expectations for ourselves. As our motivation shifts, we must shift our pressure and productivity.

Below you see common hygiene practice underlines and easier, more accessible alternatives on the right of the arrow.

Wash your face --> Splash your face with water, especially in the morning to wake up. Or pat a warm damp towel on your face, especially at night for relaxation. Or try facial cleanser.

Brush your teeth --> Try some mouthwash, a quick swish swish while you sing a song in your head, and you're done! how about flossing while watching Netflix? or simply, gurgle with some water.

Wash your hair --> Dry shampoo. Tie up your hair. Cover your head! Not to hide, but to protect your hair from any dirt of damage.

Shower --> Wipe yourself down with a damp towel. Just to rid yourself of any dirt. Change your clothes. Maybe into something you feel more comfortable and/or confident in! Do any of the above.

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