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Guide for New Caregivers by Harry Cline of

"The sudden loss of independence can be difficult to come to terms with for a self-reliant individual. For that reason, those who need temporary support during sickness or while recovering from an injury are sometimes the toughest to care for. Even though the caregiving is short-term, caregivers should seek support."

Ways to Take Care of Yourself:

When caring for someone else, it can be hard to keep track of all the things needed to do. makes it easier for you...

Daily Needs Assessment Checklist

  • Dressing. Putting on and taking off clothing can become an increasing struggle.

  • Eating. Can your senior eat and drink well without help?

  • Meal preparation. Does your patient manage meal prep, including setting up and cutting foods? What about clean up?

  • Toilet. Using the toilet is a sensitive subject but many seniors struggle in this area. Find out if your loved one needs assistance with toiletry needs to know specifically how to help.

  • Personal hygiene. This includes activities such as combing hair, shaving, applying makeup and brushing teeth.

  • Showering and bathing. Is your senior able to get in and out of the bathtub or shower? Are sponge baths necessary?

  • Bedtime. Your patient may need assistance getting in and out of bed, sitting up in bed, lying down, and with turning from one side to the other.

  • Transferring from bed. Moving from the bed into a standing position may be a specific concern, or moving into a chair or wheelchair.

  • Home mobility. Is your patient able to move from room to room within the home, and from different areas within the same room?

  • Exercise. Consider whether your loved one is able to walk well, both within the home, through his or her own room, and outside.

  • Medications. Assess what medications your senior requires and if those medicines are an issue. For instance, are there oral or topicals, and is diabetic testing involved?

Learn more here

This website has so many great resources for new caregivers(all linked below). They're like Project Calendula in the sense that they try to make in depth educational guides while always providing outside resources on their concise pages. If you're a new caregiver, I recommend checking them out!

Caring for Sick and Injured:

This includes:

Caring for those With Special Needs:

Preventing Caregiver Burnout:

Caregiving with Elderly Patients:

Caring for yourself with an Alzheimers's Patient

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