• Emily Ruiz

Importance of Hygiene

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

There are several ways in which people maintain good personal hygiene. Many people believe that having a routine is hard to follow since they don’t have that much time in their day. That is a common misconception since having good hygiene mostly consists of basic practices such as showering, cleaning your hair, washing hands with soap and practicing good oral hygiene.

Practicing hygiene is not to satisfy others but it is to help you and your health. Maintaining good hygiene is important because it can help prevent you from diseases. During this pandemic, it is more important to follow a routine of washing hands thoroughly with water and soap. It is important to wash them consistently since germs spread by people and also stay on surfaces for long periods. In case you don’t have anywhere to wash your hands, using a hand sanitizer is a good temporary substitute.

Washing your hair and taking baths is another must for good hygiene. You don’t have to shower everyday so showering every other day is ideal. Showering with soap can rinse away bacteria and oils, and you can also use sugar scrub once a week to get rid of dead skin cells. Washing your hair everyday is optional but if you want you can wash at least twice a week to remove skin build up and protect against oily residues.

Having great oral hygiene can prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. All of these can be prevented by brushing your teeth and flossing each time after you eat, or you can also brush your teeth twice a day. Having bright white teeth and buying white strips does not guarantee that your mouth is clean. Smoking tobacco can cause your teeth to rot faster and even cause cancer, but that is your preference since it can be really hard to get out of addiction. Oral hygiene is also very important when you are taking medications, since they reduce the saliva flow, making it harder to neutralize acids and wash the food in your mouth away.

Good hygiene is necessary for your mental health, since many people that have problems and depression have a really hard time doing tasks due to the state in which their mental health is. According to Melissa A. Jones (clinical psychologist), people with mental illnesses don’t have enough energy and they don’t take care of their personal hygiene unless they are reminded. If you ever feel like you are having the same problem, there are several substitutions for basic hygiene such as dry shampoo, baby wipes, baths, mouthwash and even gum.

Not everyone can afford to buy basic necessities to practice basic personal hygiene, and there are several charities and organizations in which you can donate to help those in need. In case you can’t personally afford them for yourself, there are many amazing organizations that would love to help.

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