PMDD is a serious form of premenstrual syndrome in which one suffers from depression or anxiety 1-2 weeks before their period starts. About 5% of women who get their periods have PMDD, and most of these women already suffer from a mental illness. Treatment for PMDD includes antidepressants and birth control

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Panic attacks

Mood swings

Lack of interest in activities you usually enjoy

Lack of energy

Trouble sleeping

Feeling out of control

Suicidal thoughts



Misconception vs. Reality

SAD isn’t that bad; you probably just have the ‘winter blues’. Yes, some people might feel more down or less productive during winter, but SAD is more severe- it is a form of depression.
You’re still coming to work/school/etc, so you must be fine. Just because people act ok, doesn’t mean they’re actually ok. This is true for all mental illnesses
There’s no cure for SAD. There are several effective treatments for SAD (see previous slide)



  • Medication may include various types of antidepressants 

  • Talk therapy can help people who are struggling learn how to:

    1. Express thoughts & feelings in a healthy manner

    2. Cope with emotions

    3. Identify triggers

    4. Work through negativity

    5. Set realistic goals

  • Lifestyle changes may include:

    1. Exercising multiple times a week

    2. Eating natural foods rather than processed ones

    3. Avoiding drugs and alcohol

    4. Writing in a journal

    5. Supplements

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