A panic attack is an intense wave of fear that comes over a person, often without any warning and sometimes even with no clear trigger. Panic attacks are characterized by unexpected, debilitating, or even immobilizing intensity. Panic disorders occur when these panic attacks happen consistently and often with no known cause.

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shortness of breath or hyperventilation

racing heart

chest pain or discomfort

trembling or shaking

choking feeling

feeling unreal or detached from surroundings


nausea or upset stomach

feeling dizzy, light-headed, or faint

numbness or tingling sensations 

hot or cold flashes

fear and feeling of dying, losing control, or going crazy​

sweating or hot flashes

feeling dizzy or fainting



Misconception vs. Reality

Panic attacks are the same as anxiety”

Although anxiety can be a cause of panic attacks, panic attacks just as often have a different, or no reason at all

Panic attacks cause fainting”

Though it can happen, fainting during a panic attack is pretty rare

“Panic attacks cause extreme harm”

Panic attacks can be really bad, maybe even feel like a heart attack, but they are not life- threatening

“Panic attacks are an overreaction to stress or anxiety”

Panic attacks are not an overreaction, and they often don’t have a cause

“Deep breaths will calm a panic attack”

Deep breathing can help people cope with an attack, but it doesn’t stop it

“People with panic disorder will be medicated for their entire lives”

Everyone is different. some people may choose to use medication to treat their panic disorder, others don’t

“People having a panic attack lose all control”

Someone having a panic attack may feel like they are out of control, but they didn’t actually lose it completely

“Panic attack triggers should be avoided”

Triggers are sometimes used to treat panic disorder to try and help decrease the patient’s sensitivity



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