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Make yourself and your mental health a priority

The goal is to understand the truth about yourself and love yourself for all you are. But it isn’t necessary as this process takes hard work and lots of time. What’s important is, well you, and the fact that you are trying. Valuing yourself is such a huge step. (We are so proud!! Scroll to the bottom for more info!)



share the love <3

  • Be direct! Ask them how they are feeling, really.

  • Send them something that reminded you of them (and tell them). For example: a meme or TikTok or a cute animal photo.

  • If you are not feeling up for conversation, just say that. Tell them you are thinking about them and when you are less busy and more energized, you would love to talk with them

  • Compliment them! What's something you love about their personality,their appearance, or your relationship? Let them know!

  • Send them an actual gift! Or snail mail! No words necessary.

  • Hang out with them! Have game nights, cook or bake together, grab dinner with them, etc 



  • Be open to learning more

  • Listen to people with mental health issues

  • Be open to hearing people’s criticisms on your advocacy

  • Being outwardly kind to everyone. The impact of a small gesture could save someone's life.

  • Perfection isn’t the goal. Good intentions with good results is what matters

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Stick up for others when possible

  • Hear a misleading comment about mental health, point it out (and correct them if you know the facts)

  • Hear gossip about someone with mental illness/neurodivergent/etc, let the gossipers know how amazing that person is and how ignorant they are being for promoting negative stigma around mental health



Background Details

Make yourself a priority! Notice how you speak to yourself and view yourself.


Use kind and positive language with yourself even when you don’t believe it! examples: 
I am a beautiful person with a unique heart. I am working hard and succeeding at being myself. I am loved. I am worthy. I deserve to nourish my body. I am safe. I am intelligent, brave, and ambitious. My mind helps me speak my truth.  My body allows me to express myself. I am working hard and succeeding at being myself. I am loved. I am worthy. When to use? Anywhere! Looking at yourself in the mirror! Write them down in a journal! (Visit below for messages to a stranger)

As annoying as it sounds, start taking care of your mind & body.


Be patient with the process, it’s called a journey for a reason. There are highs and lows and that is more than okay. The valleys help us realize how high our peaks are, right? Cut yourself some slack and indulge a bit. Recommendations: Read Morgan Harper Nichols book, journal your progress with __ apps or on a notebook, 
And with mental illness, hygiene and self-care can be exceptionally challenging. But it is makes all the difference. Move your body and stimulate your mind. More Examples: Get out of bed at least once a day, aim for 3 meals a day, drink enough water, sleep a sufficient amount, read a book, watch some tv, participate in your hobby, etc.

Visit our other here to learn more about the importance of mental health education and here for its importance in mental health advocacy.


Educate yourself! To help the movement in eliminating stigmas, it would be helpful to know what you’re battling up against! It would be helpful to know what rights you are granted and know about the disorders you are speaking about. But really it wouldn't only just be helpful to be know, but crucial to understand. How will you educate others if you don't know any of the above! Education can help prevent severe mental health issues and aid in recovery as well. Education influences our perspective on life. Education stimulates your intellectual, emotional, and social advancement. Education is the basis of advocacy. Visit below to start :)

Putting yourself is not selfish or wrong.
Go to a licensed mental health professional. There are many reasons why one may visit a counselor
(visit here for more info).


Consider your own mental capacity and heart space for then next time someone asks for advice or to vent and vice-versa! Ask your friend if they are willing to talk/have the energy to do so/are ready before discussion especially serious topics. Lastly, It’s okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay to speak your truth-saying yes or no more honestly. Sometimes, you just have to say no. And you’re allowed to do that! You cannot control how others react, but if they are true friend, then this will not be detrimental to your relationship whatsoever!