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Founder and Director

(she/her)-- hi loves! <3 I started this association to provide accessible education and resources. I want to strengthen communities and talk about the parts of mental health that aren't spoken about often. If there is a topic you don't see us covering, contact us and we will do our best to get to it immediately! Aside from advocacy, I identify as a creative. Art gives me and the world an outlet to freely express ourselves. But like advocacy, I am inspired by my own struggles to use my platform and share my story.


Co-President + Founder

(she/her)-- I think that it is incredibly important to reduce the stigmas and correct the misconceptions that are currently around mental health as I know that this would improve the quality of so many people’s lives. Needing to deal with a mental illness of some sort is a daily struggle for many people in the world and just making sure that the people around them are there to support them, or simply understand, what they are dealing with would make their lives just a little bit easier. I think that especially in a school or work setting, where we are so often tested/judged based on our performance it is particularly important to make sure that the proper support can be provided. Fun fact: I don't really like zebras



Co-President + Founder

(she/her)-- I’m a senior in high school from New York, and I’m one of the co-presidents and educational journalists of Project Calendula! I’m so excited to be working on this project-- mental health is a significant aspect of everyone’s life, so it’s super important to raise awareness, especially considering that a lack of education on the subject can be detrimental. In my free time, I love to hang out with friends and do photography!



(she/her) -- Hi! I'm Khush and I am an artist/jack of all trades, I sing and dance, I make art, and I write poetry. I'm a 16yr old Indian Immigrant, 11th grade, and super fun :) I joined project calendula because I wanted to help in building an environment that caters to the needs of people who simply put, do not know where to go and what to do. I wanna break the barrier that often holds people back from getting help- the barrier that makes us feel like help will be isolating, too unachievable, and too much.

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(she/her) -- I’m a lover of all things creative and adventurous. I value honesty, authenticity, and kitty cuddles above all else. While I pride myself on my mastery of the card game UNO, most would say I’m a generally amiable person. I'm an IB student in the 11th grade and I have an avid love for visual arts and creative writing. I am working with Project Calendula in hopes of providing education and resources pertaining to mental health that I myself once struggled to find.  It is my hope that Project Calendula will successfully deliver such resources and can diligently work to prevent people from feeling alone and uncertain of ways in which they can seek help. I have provided art for Robbie’s Hope, a teen suicide prevention organization.