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Ellie Macadams (she/her)

This is a Synesthesia Painting based on Porcelain by Spencer Hood. Fun Fact: Her and PC's own founder/director Janmariz, are part of his fan club!

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Ellie Macadams

Another wonderful synesthesia painting based on Revvin My CJ-7 by Summer Salt. If you want to view more of her work please check her our on instagram here!


Alva(any pronouns)

A reflection of sorts of my mental health after I was sexually assaulted. I think I tried really hard to come up with abstract imagery and metaphors to describe the impact it had on me but like at its core, it really just felt like being shot in the face. No other image could really convey that type of pain.



During the first lockdown that began in March my mental health really suffered, and a lot of that manifested in untidiness and a lack of motivation to do anything about that. I rarely left my bed and so it kind of became my habitat.

Devyn Langly mind prison.jpeg

Devyn Langley

This piece shows how people who struggle with mental health illnesses can sometimes get trapped in their own head and in their thoughts.

devyn annoying.png

Devyn Langley

You’re annoying description: this shows how your brain can make you feel like your nothing, feel like everyone hates you, and more. It is based on anxiety and how some people who suffer from anxiety can feel like this is what people think of you.